This is Us

Gary van Zyl

Creative Director
Gary is the founder and Creative Director at Design Capital. Having accumulated 23 years of industry experience with leading national brands like Coricraft, Liberty and Virgin Mobile, as well as international brands like Aston Martin.

Gary is well positioned to lead his team and clients towards brand integrity and creative excellence.

Sharné Samuels

Graphic Designer
Sharné is our resident graphic designer. She attained her National Diploma in Graphic Design in 2018 but was practicing design long before then.

She is and old school designer, prefers too work on paper than on screen, often sketching out her next great idea.

Her kind and sweet personality is testament to her fondness of candy and just as candy gets sticky, she gets ‘stuck’ behind her desk as she vigorously brings life to her work and time becomes irrelevant in her busy day.

Marina Provornaya

The Catalyst
Marina is our resident Russian, so don’t mess with her! Jokes aside, Marina comes with international client liaison experience and as such is a great asset in this regard.

Whether you are a new or existing client, you can be sure that when you are dealing with Marina, you will be in professional hands.

Bernie Millar

Content Writer
Bernie has a long history of writing lyrics to corporate songs and commercials. Since he was in the music business, it was only a natural progression to go into writing advertising copy and scripts to corporate videos.

He soon expanded to the writing of the numerous copy and scriptwriting disciplines that he has made his business and personal mission to execute competently, correctly and with flair!

Benedict Eloff

Web Developer
Benedict is Design Capital’s in-house web developer. He is proficient in various web development languages such as CSS, HTML and very basic JavaScript.

He believes that passion, determination and the will to keep going can overcome any problem.

Talita Adendorf

Project Manager
Talita is our Project and Production Manager. She has been helping small businesses streamline their processes for the last 6 years and she makes sure that communication flows seamlessly between the creatives, suppliers and clients.

She also helps us to keep to our deadlines and is an invaluable part of the team.

Shadow van Zyl

Shadow van Zyl

Company Mascot
Every cat, we have now learnt, has a unique personality. We are delighted with Shadow’s as he is very friendly and tolerant.

What is most fascinating about Shadow is his disregard or should we rather say, comfort with making himself comfortable wherever he chooses; on your lap, your desk or your keyboard. But I guess that’s why we have grown to love him.

Shadow van Zyl