We are Design Capital

We are DesignCapital, a Cape Town based brand development, web design and marketing agency, and a subsidiary brand of MYSME. Founded in 2014, we have helped multitudes of businesses across a broad spectrum of industries to name, brand and market themselves to their target audience and position themselves as industry leaders as a result of their new and professional brand image and message.
With many years of collective industry experience and qualifications, our team of industry professionals are well positioned to meet your requirements. One thing that we believe sets us apart is our tailored design process we have developed and implemented.

This enables you as the client to know that your requirements will be completely understood and accurately implemented and masterfully executed within agreed timelines.

How we
help your business

We become the brand and marketing arm of a business ensuring the two key pillars: ‘Brand Integrity’ and ‘Brand Awareness’ are steadily in place and remain standing over time. As such we help businesses to create appropriate, relevant, persuasive brand messages and ensure that these permeate consistently throughout all touch points of that business.
This consistent brand identity empowers a business to be more competitive and to justify possible premium pricing – as by virtue of their image, they can now be regarded as industry leaders. It also conveys integrity and respect, raising the brand to the same level as the business through perfect design.

What makes
us unique

Value For

Small agencies often lack the experience of big brands. We are proud to have such experience and come from previous agencies where there was opportunity to work on national and international brands and campaigns.

This is where DesignCapital come in. We have premium brand experience but our prices are not premium but rather comfortably ‘in the middle’. Basically, heavy weights and middle weight fees.

Our Design

After 22 years in the industry, the
owner of DesignCapital has teamed
up with quality management
consultants to custom design the process by which we do what we do.
What this means is that when a new
client comes on board, they can have
peace of mind knowing that they are
receiving a competitive and accurate

As a client your needs are
comprehensively understood, their
project is expertly and masterfully
executed and is done so within the
agreed time frame. This is typically
uncommon in the design agency
world and we are proud to be
offering such a service.


Every part of the design process requires a specific skill set and as such requires a specific person. We have endeavoured to have no ‘jack of all trades’ in our business. Everybody in the team are working within their specific skill set in which they are experienced and in most cases have a formal qualification (where required).

Case and point: the designer designs and the developer develops. As obvious as that may sound, it is not always and often not the case. Very often you get developers designing, where ‘true’ design is a very unique skillset where a formal and minimal 3 year qualification is almost mandatory and not just some one ‘who knows how to work photoshop’.

Client Appreciation and Testimonies

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